River Dialogues is a series of radio programmes broadcast by Resonance FM (104.4) that explores the relationship between rivers and human life, in terms of the environmental and political conflicts that threaten our bio-cultural relationship with fresh water life.

The project follows several iconic rivers around the world, as well as the stories and songs of local communities, in attempt to connect with and honour living rivers.

How can we imbibe the spirit of fresh water through the transformative power of song and story?

Previous programmes:

River Dialogues: Yamuna
(First broadcast Monday 4th May, 2020)

Nicolas Salazar Sutil explores the mythic river Yamuna in India through the medium of song. This dialogue touches on religious, political and environmental issues related to this sacred but heavily polluted river, also known as the river of love given its association with Lord Krishna. With guest speakers Shivani Singhal and Ashish Sharma, and featuring music by Lata Mangeshkar, Sukhwinder Singh, Jahnvani Harrison, and Pravin Godkhindi. 

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River Dialogues: Mapocho
(First broadcast Friday 13th February, 2020)

This programme explores the relationship between the iconic Mapocho river in Santiago de Chile, and Chilean protest song, particularly in the light of the social uprising of October 2019. The programme features songs by Victor Jara, Violeta Parra, Illapu, Congreso and live music by Nicolas Salazar Sutil.

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River Dialogues: Acheloos 
(first broadcast 12 July 2019)

The programme offers a biography of the mythic river Acheloos, the father of rivers in ancient Greek mythology.  Nicolas Salazar Sutil and Fausto Llopis open up a debate around the struggles of local communities in Northeastern Greece to protect this river from government plans to deviate and dam its waters. With guest Stuart Mellor (sound artist).

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River Dialogues: Opara 
(First broadcast December 8th, 2018)

This programme explores the struggle to protect the Rio Opara by the Kariri-Xoco and Pankararu peoples of north-eastern Brazil. Guests included Sebastian Gerlic (Director of NGO Thydewa); Dr Thea Pitman (University of Leeds) and indigenous leaders Tawana Cruz and Itia Pankararu. Presented by Nicolas Salazar Sutil and Fausto Llopis.

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